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April 2018 News04/18/201804/18/2018George, Frank L
March 2018 News03/13/201803/13/2018George, Frank L
February 2018 News02/22/201802/22/2018George, Frank L
January 2018 News01/16/201802/17/2018George, Frank L
December 2017 News12/18/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
November2017 News11/16/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
October 2017 News10/17/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
September 2017 News09/18/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
August 2017 News08/18/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
July 2017 News07/18/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
June 2017 News06/16/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
May 2017 News05/17/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
April 2017News04/18/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
March 2017 News03/14/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
February 2017 News02/16/201702/17/2018George, Frank L
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April 21st TCF will hold a members only no cost fly in at Kingsbury. We will open the kitchen to serve lunch. Please make your plans now to attend!  Check out the club's calendar page to see other club events scheduled for this year.